Following the Garissa Attack on Thursday 2nd April,2015 , there have been peaceful demonstrations from university students all over the country in honour of their fallen comrades. The university students of Nairobi county marched into the City center on Tuesday morning to demand that security among the institution be heightened. After the saddening death of 148 students and more threats from the Alshabaab to attack other campuses, the students have said enough is enough.

Hundreds of students from different universities walked through the streets in the city singing and shouting, and some headed to the office of the president where they presented a petition. John Derrick, a student at the Technical University of Kenya said;

“Enough is enough. The government must tackle the issue of insecurity seriously,” 

The students were led by the UoN student leader and also chairman of the Kenya Universities Students Association. He said that he intends to get the president’s attention. In an interview with the press Babu Owino said;

”University Students around the country want President Uhuru Kenyatta to understand their disgust at the horrific murder. I intend to convey that to His Excellency…” 

students demo

The student chair of the Technical University Of Kenya, Raphael Rogot, was in town and even tweeted;

We hold a solidarity march for our fallen comrades.

With the students was the Human Rights Activist, Boniface Mwangi, who has even created a vigil for the 148  lost lives which will end on the last day of National Mourning. The vigil which began yesternight was well attended at the Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park.

garissa vigil

Students in other countries are also showing support for Kenyans against Terrorism. The students of Makerere University also took to the streets of Kampala protesting against the heinous Garrissa Attack.
Peaceful demo uganda

Students of the University Of Cape Town (UCT), Lower Campus also held a candle lit vigil yesterday over the terrorist attack. It was under the hashtag #147NotJustANumber.

uct garissa
UCT Students

Out of Africa, students of the University Of Venezuela didn’t shy to post this dramatic photo in support of Kenya during this tough times.

Students of the central university of venezuela, is solidarizan with the families of the students killed at the university of Garissa in Kenya.

It’s heart warming to know that Kenya is in everyone’s prayers at such trying times. We can only pray that one day we will live in peace and justice prevails against the 4 that have been arrested over the Garissa Attacks.