The government will from this month start funding students based on the courses taken at universities.

This new system will see a student studying dentistry get the highest funding, at Sh600,000, while the lowest loan, of Sh144,000 per year, will go to a student taking a Bachelors of Arts (general) degree course.

A student studying medicine will receive Sh576,000, while one taking veterinary medicine will receive Sh468,000.

A student taking a pharmacy degree course will receive Sh432,000, engineering (Sh396,000), architecture (Sh384,000), built environment (Sh360,000) and agriculture (Sh324,000).

Students studying education (science) per year will get Sh288,000, science (Sh264,000), applied social science courses such as hospitality and tourism (Sh240,000), business and law (Sh216,000) and applied humanities (Sh180,000).

“The differentiated unit cost will be applicable to all universities (public and private) receiving government-sponsored students subject to the available budget,” said Universities Fund Board chairman Kinandu Muragu in a letter to universities dated September 7.