Students Take On Fellow Campus Murder


This is not the first time, a students love story gone wrong. Remember of the zilizopendwa, a song called Stella Wangu. The song depicts how one sacrifices so much, only to suffer heart break and loss. This young man was in love with Stella, he sold his land, car and livestock to send Stella to Japan to study Medicine. Only for her to return with a mixed race child and a short Japanese for a fiancé.

A few days ago, saw the same situation on social media. But this time, Stella’s first love didn’t sing a song or die of heart break, he instead took revenge in his own hands. A young lady from K.U was murdered by her then boyfriend the reason being she used the man for his monetary value.


She is claimed to have dumped this guy as soon as she graduated.

This brings about a lot of debate. Most students said he shouldn’t have killed her that was going to the extremes. However, he should have accepted fate and seek psychological help since he will suffer shock and depression, instead of lending up in jail.

A few young men said they would seek revenge on her close friends and sisters just to get back to her. An interesting comment was to get the sister of the deceased, get her pregnant and run. That is actually not as stupid as killing her, right?

“Killing her is not enough, I will kill her again and again, I feel angered and that isn’t even me. But let me ask, what is usually your problem girls? How do you do that? You can’t be that heartless.”

Says a fourth year in a leading higher learning institution. That’s what 1.8 million loan can do to someone.

From a lady perspective, a young campus girl says that chics should just be satisfied with what they can afford instead of dreaming big and preying on other people’s wealth to avoid such incidences.