When two bulls fight, it is the grass that suffers the consequences. In this case the two bulls are the government and the Universities Academic Staff Union otherwise known as UASU. We as the students are the grass.

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The Universities Academic Staff Union is set to strike yet again. Long story short, it seems the government did not meet their demands as defined in their CBA. No one is throwing some sort of tirade here but to be honest, when will it stop???

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Where is The Money Going?

In more of a visionary perspective, we can’t lead our country to the Vision 2030 without considering the most important pillar that there is; education.

Students are meant to pay the school fees, some are not allowed to even sit for their exams just because of a pending balance of Ksh. 1000, how ironical? Even when the fees are paid in fully strikes are still conducted.

That aside, most students’ pay their school fees in faith that they will get their education from their learned professors but this is not what they get.

Every now and then the lecturers are busy striking and to say the least, the learning runs into a halt. Just imagine that student who has only one semester to go for them to graduate and he/she is met with a call by their lecturers to stop attending classes simply because `I will be on strike’.

Public Vs Private University Privilege

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Kenyan students going home after closure of university

Unfortunately, the public universities are the most affected. A four-year programmed ends up being a six-year course. First of all, the negativity when it comes to even attending some public university kicks in. Running my questionnaire on what lecturer’s trike means to students was no less than a warring one. Who’s expected to join the public universities whilst you can join a private university and go on with your education without any interference?

“What about that student who cannot afford the fees paid in a private university?’’, one student asked.

 Our education needs not be interfered by disagreements between the lecturers and the government.

Is The Government To Blame?

In a more unfortunate statement, the government has left the students in `every man for himself’ notion. Our universities and to be precise our public universities have been deserted due to the frequent strikes. The public universities that were to cater for every class in the society have become the destructive and discriminative factor. As said before, the rich will opt for the private universities and the poor ?…they sit and wait till the government come into an agreement with the UASU which in most cases will last for two months and the strike carries on again. The long term effect, the gap between the rich and the poor increases.

The government has enough resources to pay the lecturers but the state that we are in, it seems education is given the last priority.

Our nation needs to be a learned one and this cannot be achieved by the frequent strikes. Even in rare cases but they need to be mentioned, sometimes you even find the learning in the private universities paralyzed because a part time lecturer was a full time lecturer in a public universities and obviously they follow the bandwagon of their counterparts to strike.

It’s a high time the government carries the country forward by first paying its lecturers on time to avoid the time wastage that comes with first checking whether the demands have been met.

Education should never be interfered with the frequent strikes. No one wants to join university and be delayed just because of a problem that could have been rectified before. Our Universities need not to be deserted, instead Learning should carry on.

There should never be a discriminative factor between the private and public universities. Strikes should be done away with !