The lecturers’ strike is finally over and most students are heading back to campus to start what has been the longest semester ever. It’s in the middle of March, and that is when most will begin their lectures. Students were bored and broke out of school and this comes as a relief to most of them. Campus is one place that always remains a mystery to most people with its changing environment.

Campus is a community and every student knows that. It is one large society that has students from different parts of the country living together. You will always depend on each other no matter how poor or rich you are. There are more problems in this ‘society’ that make students depend on each other. Assignments are done together, whether it is copying or providing the answers.

Students always have each others back. You’ve heard of comrades power right? In times of struggle against the regime that ends up in strikes and cans of teargas, students always protect each other. The comrades code is that you keep each other safe in case they make it in life and come back to lift your head out of the dirt.

Lying is allowed in campus. Sometimes you cannot do without a good lie that will get you out of a sticky situation. You might say you actually did the assignment when you just copied the whole paper from a friend. Students also lie about money. Parents are forced to pay for ‘trips’ that are actually not in the academic calendar. Did I tell you about that trip to Mombasa? Do you remember?

There are great arrangements in campus. I know you didn’t get that. Usually there might be an overload of testosterone and a member of the hostel is allowed to temporarily exile his roommates until there is hormonal balance. You can also get a friend to go in class and write the notes that you will copy later. The next day they sleep while you go get the notes, a great arrangement.

There are serious relationships on campus. There are couples that are seriously in love and are already staying together. Strongest relationships are made while on campus and if you go through assignments and poverty then nothing can break up your relationship.

Campus is sometimes stressful. It is not just about studies and sleep! You are moving from being a teenager to a confused young adult. It is a process and always takes time. You are never sure how much money to spend without looking extravagant or poor. Campus is about ego and peer pressure. There is a lot of showing off and it might lead to depression and drug use. That is how campus drug addicts start so don’t blame them because maybe no one ever told you on stuff about campus.