In Pennsylvania,a sexual joke involving a Jesusstatue statue has one fourteen-year-old in a lot of legal trouble.The unnamed Everett, Pennsylvania teen was in front of a Christian service organization called “Love in the Name of Christ” when he saw a kneeling Jesus statue. He took advantage of the deity’s compromised position by simulating oral sex with the statute, taking pictures of the lewd joke and posting it on Facebook, where the authorities found them.Now, he faces criminal charges.

First of all, who does that!!!!

Second, the first rule of committing a crime is to not leave evidence linking it to you.

Third, am not judging, or maybe I am but Hell has a special place for people like him but for now jail is a fitting environment.

Some advice;do not drop the soap, or history will repeat itself, and this time you won’t be the one holding the gun.

By Vix.