Meet the young man behind and a nominee for the 2016 OLX SOMA Awards for the Social Network Category; New Blogger Personality Award.

Nick Olenyo also known as Stylish Nick is a talented young man who is passionate about style and fashion.  The 23 year old has 11.1K followers on Instagram and has been blogging to what is close to a year and a half.  He inspires men to dress appropriately, stylish and comfortable.


What’s the secret behind such a large following?

This is more of a talent. I enjoy style and photography, so do my followers.

So who is Nick?

I am a blogger, a fashion stylist. I have worked with some celebrities such as Elani.

Elani and Nick
Elani and Nick

Why fashion and style?

It is my passion. That’s where I believe I was meant to be.

At what age did you become fascinated with fashion?

If I remember it correctly, at the age of 13. I was so choosy when I went shopping with my mother.

According to you, what’s your favorite part of being a style blogger?

I get to share what inspires me in the hope of inspiring other men out there. That part of inspiring others is my ultimate satisfaction.

Define style?

Style to me is expressing yourself through your day to day outfits.


How do you relate past and present fashion trends?

Thorough research. A lot of research has to be done, that’s one thing because fashion changes all the time and fast. Therefore, one has to always stay updated.

Your personal style in two words?

Simple and classy

How would you describe your personal fashion trends?

I think each go hand in hand. In that we can see that some past fashion trends are coming back, while others are evolving. So they each contribute a thing or two to each other.


Name three things that never miss in your everyday outfit?

Shoes, belt and a watch.

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