Suits 101: Campus Dress Code


Knighted English sartorial designer, the late Sir Hardy Aimes said,

“A suit is the basis of a man’s costume. As such it should be respected.”

Style Tip 101 from Sammy Grey Lumbasyo, a UoN student who is passionate about men style.

Why can’t you just randomly buy a suit? I mean girls shop with their eyes for that little black dress.

A suit should be seen as a canvas from which a man expresses himself. For a first time buyer, you should strive to make sure that the first suit(s) you own make an impressive and lasting impression on those who will have the privilege to see you swathed in that fine piece of attire.

So let’s get right into it, shall we?

The Navy Blue Single Breast Suit


A navy blue suit is one of the most versatile suits a man could have. That is why it should be your first. It is one of man’s best friends while attending or engaging in formal events. It also acts as a power suit. A navy blue suit exudes maturity, authority power and control. This is the main reason why a host of political leaders and corporate magnates are more often than not, spotted in one.

Obama in a navy blue suit addressing the state

It can also be transformed into an essential casual outfit. Say you have been invited to a wedding. You can dress up in your suit and spot on a cravat or bow-tie, if you feel you need to have neck wear or you can go tie-less.


Be rest assured that you will leave tongues wagging and heads turning. You can also wear the suit jacket with a nice pair of brown, beige, khaki, light grey, charcoal grey or calf white chinos and you will have your weekend look all sorted out.

The Charcoal Grey Single Breast Suit


The charcoal grey suit is nearly as versatile as the navy blue hence it is my second and final pick. If you want a warmer, laid back but still attention stealing suit, then the charcoal grey suit will do for you.

Unfortunately for me, I bought an ash grey suit as my second one but I still make it work.
The charcoal grey suit can also be transformed into a casual look. You can rock a black or crisp white shirt under the suit and you will have the perfect outfit for a family get together, dowry negotiation or that weekend workshop at The Sarova Stanley.


You can add a complementing bow tie, pocket square or cravat and of you go to that wedding reception. Match it with calf white, beige, lighter grey, or khaki chinos and you will have an effortlessly dapper look for any weekend or casual function.

Accessorize your suits

The shoes to match with the suit are black and dark brown. Light brown and ox-blood could also work, though they would go better with a lighter shade of grey.


Shirts that match with the suit are black, white, light blue, light pink and light grey. Avoid dark shirt colours because they make you look too stiff and they bring no contrast to your attire.

Lastly, now that you have these two suits, you can create a different look from each of them by either matching your navy blue suit jacket with your charcoal grey trousers or the other way around (your charcoal grey suit jacket with your navy blue trousers).

This will ensure that you exploit the versatility and wardrobe choice that you have in both the two suits.

Let me leave you guys with a quote from Richard Eberhart that states,

“Style is the perfection of a point of view.”

Do you rock suits to campus? Tell us below.