2.sportOne of the things that make celebrities stand out is the nerve to be controversial. One Pierre- Aubameyang, who has been termed one of the quickest strikers, certainly does not lack confidence.

In fact, the Borussia Dortmund player went ahead and compared himself to Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt to German paparazzi last summer following reports that he was the fastest soccer player in the pitch.

The 24 year old Gabon striker claims he clocked 3.9 secs on sprinting for 30 metres while he was with the Milan Youth teams and that Bolt only needed 3.78 secs to get to 30 metres when he set the world record in 2009.

The Gunners and Newcastle United were one of the clubs reportedly chasing Aubameyang last summer but the young striker opted for the Champions league finalists since he was their ardent fan.

But there is more to Aubameyang than goals and speed (on and off the pitch). Recently the supersonic striker was clocked doing 74kmh in a 30kmh zone in Germany, although, remarkably, he is only expected to pay a fine of €200 (£169) and lose his driving license for a month.

He has had a number of stunning cars, the worst, arguably, being an acid green Aston Martin DB9 and his latest being a pimped up Porsche Panamera nicknamed the Batmobile in the German press. There is, in fact, a comic-strip theme running through the forward’s career.