Dancing in The Rain at Piknik Edition X

The much awaited Varcity Piknik edition 10 went down at P & L Luxe Gardens, Kanjata Road. The event brought …

8.10 @ 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Varcity Piknik IX – ‘Dancing in The Sun’

Varcity Piknik IX is a great reflection of Kenya’s brilliant and diverse local talent, whilst also attracting leading artists from all over the green city under the sun through music, fashion, food and arts.

Rundown hours to Varcity Piknik- Edition 8; Have you got yourself a ticket?

Varcity Piknik is about to run down in few hours. The event which is scheduled tomorrow at P & L …

Unveiling of Varcity Piknik 8th Edition- #WazalendoParty

Varcity Piknik is a celebration of music, art, food and fashion. The D-Day is on 1st June and it’s an …