Tarzan Complex


MANkind is under threat of extinction. Nothing new, considering the various threats facing the human race on a day to day basis, which make life, seem like a miracle. Adverse and unpredictable weather patterns, deadly diseases and accidents are just a few that raise the red flag.

But this threat seems to be only targeting the male specie and will be detrimental for their survival in the future. If certain measures are not put to place this majestic beast help shed light on the unknown or perceived unorthodox behavior by the fairer sex.

No bone of contention is present in stating that man is an animal and has primal instincts. Mating, hunting, territory marking and protection characterize the behavior of any creature of any both wild and domesticated, we don’t know why but it is in their nature.

All these are basic survival instincts that are crucial and are expressive of the marvels of creation or evolution depending based on your belief system. As science has shown through research and experiments conducted we only have one option evolve or die.

Welcome to the Modern Age and thus the Tarzan Complex arises. Removed from his natural habitat, man’s relationship with nature has been limited to parks and a few trees. Not that I expected a jungle in the city kind of set up but the modern man cannot reconnect with himself without nature. Cramped in tiny apartments, a work schedule that is military like, with limited freedom for self exploration is not then expected for this animal to revolt?

Great strides have been made towards progressive and modern ways of living e.g. faster communication, better manufacturing methods and practices. Clamor for justice is getting even stronger in formerly suppressed areas {Arab spring} but at what cost have these sacrifices been made in riding of man his true essence.

The feminist agenda is already gaining ingenious ways of spearheading their claims that they are more delicate and need ‘cushioning’ to operate at par with their male counterparts. Simple things like ‘marking ones territory’ are vilified and deadly threats issued through signboards and glances. Yet again am not instigating for men to go around peeing everywhere but if he so feels he should be allowed. Why you ask because it is his God given right.

New trends in fashion are also not helping either; the rise of the metro sexual man is putting undue pressure to those not willing to conform like me. Call me backward but I still hold the belief that skinny jeans and brightly colored pants remain a preserve for the sisters.

Life used to be so simple women had chick flicks and men had women and action in theirs period. Nowadays Hollywood is obsessed with outdoing themselves with movies that carry a lot of emotional baggage that target the men. Wedding crashers, Brokeback Mountain are just a few examples but the list is endless.

Sorry to burst your bubble ladies the only sensitive part that a man has is safely tucked at the crotch of his pants. Unless you are dating another woman look at the activity he enjoys and this will tell you something about instincts.

From raw primal instincts to complete dependency on technology, clearly gives an indication of the suppression that this once majestic beast is undergoing, drastic changes that are part and parcel of the Tarzan complex. Truly MANkind is on the edge of extinction.