Tasha Smith Gets a Restraining Order


Tasha Smith — who starred in Tyler Perry’s”Why Did I Get Married?” — has a husband who’s got to be asking himself that very question … he just got a court order forcing her to stay away from him. Thing is… she won’t be THAT far away.Smith and hubby Keith Douglas still live together … so she’s been ordered to stay 2 YARDS away while they’re in the house together. When they’re not at home … it’s 100 yards. Douglas claims Smith flies into booze-fueled rages … and that she’s threatened to kill him … or get people to hurt him, even warning him to “not fall asleep or something will happen.”Keith also claims Smith — who currently stars in “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” — threatened him in front of his kids … and he’s had to flee to escape her wrath.The judge didn’t want to order Smith to leave the house … at least not until there’s a full hearing. So Douglas got his restraining order … even though a 2-yard stay away sounds kind of ridiculous.As for the booze allegations — a source close to Tasha tells  that’s ridiculous and she has no issues with alcohol.