Tattoos have always been viewed as evil by most African parents who raise their kids to be ‘good’ citizens. These drawings that are mostly on the arm or other parts of the body have grown as a culture emanating from Hip hop and Rock music. With the changing tides in culture development and influence from the West, most University students in Kenya are getting tattoos.

Tattoo services have also become affordable and made it easier for college students to be inscribed various images according to their preferences. The recent case of a student being expelled from Bahati High School in Nakuru due to drawings in his book that contained what the school termed as ‘demonic’. Images from his books showed his drawings and his great mind for art!

That is where conflicts always start. The education system in Kenya is so focused on the curriculum that it forgets the natural talents in students. These drawings can develop into tattoos and in this case the uproar from parents comes in the same measure. Tattoos are Painful, very painful because I have met friends who explained the ordeal. It takes patience and much strength to get one inscribed on your body.

The cost of getting a tattoo is expensive but can still be squeezed in to fit into a budget of a student in college or the university. There’s nothing evil in tattoos because in traditional African communities had drawings on their bodies during festivities and other social gatherings. Tattoos are just painful, not evil.

By Edwin