Beyoncé fans were disappointed when Taylor Swift released some teases for her new single’s music video. The latest song off her upcoming album “Reputation” is called “Look What You Made Me Do”.

It’s alleged that some of the lyrics were slight digs at both Perry and Kanye West. You’ll remember that she and Katy Perry had a brief beef over some backup dancers Katy ‘stole’ & Taylor Swift and Kanye over that whole “I’ll let you finish but” moment and the lyrics to Kanye West’s famous where’s he says he made her famous.

A particular scene in the music video stood out to the Beyhive, one where pop singer Taylor Swift was standing with a bunch of backup dancers behind her. One reason why people were mad was because it seemed like she had segregated her dancers: the white ones on her left and the black ones on her right.

The main reason why they were mad though was because it seemed like she had copied Beyoncé’s memorable “Formation” music video. They then proceeded to whiten Beyoncé’s Formation lyrics to match things that a typical basic white woman like Taylor Swift would say.

Here are some of their tweets:


What do you think — was the criticism fair or unfounded? Check out Taylor’s new video and Beyonce’s “Formation” vid below.