#TBT 5 Kenyan Music Groups From Way Back We Miss

The beat used to be the reason I couldn’t wait to get home after school when I was young. Local music was the best thing that ever happened to Kenya then. Yes, when music groups like Necessary noise and Kleptomaniacs existed. I wonder what happened to those talented artists.

#1 Necessary Noize

The best Kenyan Reggae combo, Wyre and Nazizi and Bamzigi. They released songs that moved people to tears and others that rocked the club scene for years. Remember ‘Bless My Room’ , ‘Kenyan Boy’, Juu , Fire. Bring back the noise!!

#2 Tatu

No judgement but I was 6 when watching these ladies and I thought they were so cool. When you’re having TBT moments with friends I’m sure Teso never misses the list. I wonder what happened to girl bands, bring back girl bands!!

#3 Kleptomaniacs

‘Swing swing music ni bumbaa…’’ remember contestants of Dance O mania dancing to it like every time?? Those days when there was no clap, no wiggle, no twerking just moves like ‘Box’ and ‘swinging’. Good times.

#4 Sema

I’m sure some of your don’t know where Sanaipei Tande started. Sanaipei was in a music group called Sema with two other singers : Pam and Kevo. They were winners from Coca Cola Popstars.  If you have never heard Leta wimbo you seriously need to hear it. I remember we even changed the words to it. ‘‘ Asubuhi naamka, kitu inanuka. Kumbe! Nimeshuta….’’If I continue I’m sure you’ll lose your appetite, that’s if you won’t die laughing. Haha. Enjoy the video.

#5 Deux Vultures

These are the guys that introduced the vocabulary ‘Kinyaunyau’ into my speech. This two guys knew how to keep their names on the Top 5 Charts. ‘Monalisa’, ‘Katika’ , ‘Kinyaunyau’…songs we wished were old enough to club with. Shame! We were too young.

#6 Circuit and Joel

When these guys stepped on to the scene, they caused a sensation with their interesting way of encouraging people to using condoms. “Juala jua wahitaji”. LOL!

#7 The Bugz

These guys were entertaining as F*k. Their sexual songs left little to the imagination as they had us dancing to ‘Kamoja tu’ and ‘John’.

#8 Boomba Clan

Do not touch my car, African timer, Chonga viazi, these guys music was on fleek! The way they brought humor into songs where you actually listen to the story and sing along was awesome. Good times.

#9 Mr Googz and Vinnie Banton

These two made people wish they lived in Githurai! We swayed back and forth doing the slide while singing “Na wasee tumetoka Githurai…”

#10 XYZee

Santos and Lexy made some romantic songs for the ladies. We need some more of you guys!! Where did you go?? “Tunatafuta tafuta lakini hatupati… ”

Any other Kenyan groups from way back that you miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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