Since Diamond and Zari welcomed their baby girl into this world, controversy has been following them. From people claiming that Zari’s daughter is not Diamond’s to Zari’s age, which to me doesn’t matter, she can be whatever age she likes since she looks twenty something. Their baby girl is the new victim to fake video all over the Internet claiming she is the one.

But the question we are wondering is will Diamond let his estranged brother, S-kide, be a part of his new family after allegedly making up after their long feud?? S-kide previously claimed diamond abandoned them when he got fame and that his been spending his money on his ‘socialite girlfriend Zari. He even went as far as releasing a detailed song about the stars life before fame called Diamond ‘Kabla hajatoka’. The video received about two hundred thousand views.

It was welcomed with a bit of bile from the fans back in Tanzania with most people claiming he was only jealous of his famous brother. However, Diamond later posted pictures of him and his brother when they were kids.

The photo collage Diamond uploaded after his brother, S-kide released ‘Diamond kabla hajatoka’ video.

Lets wait and see if the beef will finally come to a halt with his new kid around, as rumors going around he and his wife are trying for baby number two, will Diamond and his brother finally come together as a family.