Tahidi High was most popular when the old cast was still there. Remember Omosh (the funniest gardener you could ever hire) , OJ (that notorious guy in your class), Tanya ( the prettiest girl in school), Shish (the annoying bitch in class) and Johnny (he’s naughty nature wasn’t something his mother took to well) . How could I forget Ms. Morgan (The deputy who commanded so much respect from all students with her perfect English). I was the shows #1 fan…but they all left. I mean it was expected Tanya and her friends couldn’t be in high school for longer than 4 years. It’s simple logistics.

They’ve all grown up. Oj whose real name is Denis Mugo is a proud family man with a beautiful wife and son who’s as handsome as his daddy. Sarah Hassan is now a host of various shows in East Africa. Shish aka Shirleen Wangari has turned to poetry with her Poetry Competition she’s launched the Blackwell Poetry to promote poetry in EA. From recent sexy pics I’d gather she’s into modelling too besides her acting career still standing strong. Tahidi seems to have been a good foundation for their careers and life.

Here are some TBTs of the great Tahidi High cast. How many do you remember?