” Fagilia, Fagilia Bongo X 4

  Kuku kapanda baiskei , Kuku Kapanda Baiskeli,”

Who remembers that song? I used to love Mr. Nice when I was little. I remember us dancing to his songs every time my parents took us to a restaurant called Shade in Karen. It was the jam!! Fagilia, Kila Mtu Na dame Wake…all his songs got us screaming ” Mr. Nice was my favorite artist!! 

After such great jams, Mr. Nice went quiet. Rumors had it the he raped a little girl and was arrested. More word went around that he had died. I was young and ignorant so I shamelessly believed what I had heard. I didn’t have internet where I could look it up. We had that old Computer with a kisogo which we used only for video games so that wouldn’t be of much help to an 8 year old who’s never been to a computer class. Oh well, now I can actually preach truth about what happened to Mr. Nice.

Lucas Mkenda aka Mr Nice took East Africa by storm in the early 2000. This Tanzanian Bongo singer became the biggest thing in Africa then. H was good enough to be signed by a record label in South Africa. He was given a house in the Great South and even paid in advance besides his already handsome sales. It was a good life, actually for a small town Bongo artist it was the BEST life.

‘Maskini akipata; matako hulia mbwata.’ The Swahili men say. I guess they aren’t wrong. Mr Nice Waterloo went haywire and began the life of ‘Work hard, Play hard’. Hiphop artists know what I mean. B***$ , Money, Drinks…!! Only problem is that he played hard and forgot to work. A shame ain’t it. Mr.Nice stopped producing music and got lost in the joy of the good life. His life of debauchery lead him downhill.

Before he could know it the record label terminated his contract, he lost his house and was soon deported back to his homeland, Bongoland. From rags to riches. Sounds like Alikiba’s hit : Mac Muga. Whether it was talking abut him or not, it’s a true story. The Role Model to many Bongo artists today did meet a sad and shameful end to his career. So no, he wasn’t arrested, he just went bankrupt.

In 2010, Lucas resurfaced through gospel music and released his song ‘Tabia Mbaya’. He is currently signed to Grandpa Records. We hope to hear from him soon.

So there Mr. Nice Waterloo is our TBT, can you remember him?