In the 20th century, twins were making it big in Hollywood. We used to read series of books and watch tv shows that featured identical twins. Remember how you used to eagerly wait for Sister Sister to come on or that girl in class to come with the latest book in the Sweet Valley Twins series.

#1 Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen


The Olsen twins came to our Tv screens in an ABC sitcom called Full House where they shared a star, Michelle Tanner. They were actresses even before they learnt how to talk. They grew up on screen as the program run for eight years continuously. After Full House finished, the Olsen Twins started a production company, Dualstar Entertainment, and began marketing and merchandising their image. They were very successful in their new business ventures as they attached their name to clothing, books, accessories, fragrances, and straight to DVD movies The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Soon they were also working on more TV shows, filming a season each of Two of a Kind and So Little Time. In 2004, the Twins moved to the big screen with New York Minute. Since then the Olsen’s have taken some time off of acting to attend college at NYU, but recently Mary-Kate guest starred in Weeds and appears in 2008 film The Wackness.
I was a mad fanatic of their books and movies, I remember I was beside myself with joy when Ma bought the two books ‘Two Of A Kind’ and ‘So Little Time’. I don’t recall watching any other movie beside ‘New York Minute’ but I loved these white girls. I can’t even tell you why but I did.
#2 Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry
Those names ring a bell? Of course. This were the most popular Black set of twins in the ’90s. These fratenal twins may have looked identical in all their shows but science proves otherwise. Tia and Tamera were cast in Sister Sister, produced by the American Broadcasting Company. They were to act as twins who were separated at birth, with each being adopted by a different parent. One day, the teens have a chance encounter while shopping at a clothing store in the mall. After the families meet, Tamera’s adoptive father reluctantly allows Tia and her mother to move into his home so the girls can be together. But just because they’re twins doesn’t mean Tia and Tamera are identical in any way other than looks — Tia is intelligent and from inner-city Detroit while Tamera is the boy-crazy twin from the suburbs.

I’m sure no-one can say they hated this show. It was funny, cool and extremely popular. The theme song was catchy. It didn’t beat the famous ‘Half and Half’ theme song but was almost there. You hear it and it’s automatically queued you to sit in front of the screen. Now the Mowry twins are all grown up and no longer Mowrys. They are both married and have families of their own. Who would have thought they’d grow up so fast. Tia Landry is still in the entertainment industry with her show Instant Mom and their reality show Tia & Tamera. Tamera is more into being a happy mom and family lady.

#3 Brittney Daniels and Cynthia Daniels

I know you probably don’t remember them with those names. Does Sweet Valley High Twins, refresh your memory? Yes, Jessica Wakefield and Elizabeth Wakefield weren’t just fictional novel characters all through. The series created by Francine Pascal and written by Jamie Suzanne topped the charts as best selling for years and by the time it was changed to a tv series the Daniels twins fit the part.

Brittney Daniels played the twin who loved Boys, Fashion and Gossip. The cheerleader and little miss trouble. Of course if you diligently read the books you’d know that was Jessica Wakefield. Whereas, Cynthia Daniels played Elizabeth Wakefield. The twin that enjoyed reading novels, writing and founded the sixth-grade newspaper, The Sixers. Remember how she was in love with Todd Wilkins all through her life.
Oh…(nostalgia) The twins were described as  long, golden hair, blue-green eyes, a tan, and a dimple in their left cheek and surely the Daniels were the perfect match. Now the twins are still looking glam. Cynthia took to photography then later got herself a wonderful family. whereas Brittney continued acting and even landed  role in Dawson’s creek.