Team Mafisi ni Wengi! Men React To Kevin Hart Cheating Apology Video

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Kevin Hart has been trending on social media since he recently publicly apologized for an unseen video that seemed to show Hart cheating on his wife. Now, that video has come to light in a series of social media posts. The Instagram account TeaTenders posted two clips from the video, one which includes footage of a man alleged to be Hart naked around two women.

While the video shows Kevin getting cozy with a woman who is not his pregnant wife, it’s hard to make out whether the video actually shows Hart in its more explicit sections. That hasn’t stopped the gossipsphere from spreading the video though.

“The reason #KevinHart made that public apology was because saw this tape & knew it would be all over the internet soon,” the account wrote on one video. “Obviously it’s him, he wouldn’t have apologized if it wasn’t 😳 Plus all the videos have audio, you can clearly hear his voice in this clip.”

Hart clearly knows he messed up, whether or not anyone can prove it’s him in the video. He posted an apology along with a promise to do better earlier this month.

People have then gone ham on Twitter, making fun of him for apologizing for cheating?!


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