Team Mafisi Poleni! Elani’s Maureen Kunga Is Officially Taken

This year has been the best for most celebrities and worst to some of them. It has been a year of walking down the aisle, year of receiving awards, year of coming up with very successful projects.

Maureen Kunga has been a part of Elani music since the group started and her voice will just leave you salivating to hear Elani’s songs at any given time. She is the thick one in the family in terms of body size.

She is a song writer, Kenyan pop singer and has won best African pop award in 2014 at the all Africa music awards ceremony.

Maureen is a holder of degree in Law from the University Of Nairobi.

As the year narrows to an end, some of the celebrities will start the new year happily married like the likes of Maureen Kunga, one of the Elani’s team.

The Ruracio happened during the weekend and the couple looked happy though the mysterious man’s face was not captured in a video that showed how the beautiful singer danced and enjoyed her traditional wedding that happened in Meru County.

The video is courtesy of Mpasho


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