It’s on 25th august 2014;admission day for new students at the technical university of Kenya, as usual, there are early risers who are first on the queues, only to be told after two hours that the queue has been changed to another location, now seriously TUK was that not something that was supposed to be organized earlier?.It is only in TUK where there are no people to guide new students and parents on how to proceed with the admission. It is only in TUK where security guards watch as people scramble on the queue while they shout ‘mrudi nyuma’.
It is only in TUK where new students are sent to download forms on admission day to places where they don’t even know, no one directs them. It is only in TUK where the lights go off on admission day and there is no backup and students have to wait until the power is back. It is only in TUK where the systems are down on admission day and no engineer to rectify that yet it is a technical university. It is only in TUK where the school cyber café limits access to the school website so that they are able to charge more to new students despite the congestion on admission day. It is only in TUK where the staff talks rudely to students and parents on admission day. In short, it is only in TUK where there disorganization on admission day. A fully fledged university should have order at all times, especially on special days like admission days. TUK are made order your first priority and you will create a good image and a good university.