Sometimes navigating in Nairobi and it’s environs can be a nightmare especially if you don’t know exactly which matatu to take. So many times I have overheard people saying, “Chukua number 8!”

And they get the response, “Hizo ziko wapi??”

That’s why I find this app an answer from Heaven. It’s very reliable because it depends on crowd sourcing from social  media feeds. Their twitter followership ( @ma3route )  is an impressive 77.5k, they are constantly updating so yes the app’s content is very current.


1. Reliable real time information on traffic and accidents

2. Map layout that helps in navigation from one point to another.

3. For directions there’s the option of driving or matatu which makes it very convenient for the ordinary wananchi.

4. Search options include Shell petrol stations, UAP insurance and automobile shops listed on Cheki and other utilities.

5. You can download the app from playstore. It’s size is not large at all; 1.7 Mb

6. Calculates the approximate amount of fare you need for matatu or taxi


1. Heavy use of data which means for optimization you need unlimited data or WiFi

2.Not available on App store.

3. The calculated fare may not take into consideration the peak an off-peak.

Otherwise,  I highly recommend this for all you wananchi. You can download it here.