Nerds have always been the shy and conservative fragment of the society proving the fact that “Necessity is the mother of invention”

Tinder is the ultimate find and meet app. Forget about those adverts that require you to send an sms to find true love or fill out a thousand and one questions so that you can find a match. Tinder is the ‘it’ app.

It has a user friendly interface. You simply swipe through people’s profiles. Swipe left if you aint interested and right to like the person. You won’t get spam emails or unwanted smses from every Tom, Dick and Harry. It’s only until you like a person back that they can contact you.

Sadly, this speed dating app has been mistaken for a hook up joint. So men are only looking to tap and move along. Definately not the place to find love but at least it keeps you busy at crowded joints where you can tap on your icon and find anyone within your range. It’s very efficient in crowded areas such as a party or at a club.

The app is available on Android  and iOS  …so check it out and especially for those on a dry spell you might just *Pharell’s voice* get lucky..

By Stacey N.