Kennedy Ochieng’a accused of impersonating Prophet David Owuor of the ministry of Repentance and Holiness denied the charges before a Nakuru Court on Monday. The 19 year old man who last week fainted while being charged was released on a Sh 100, 000 bond after he denied the two counts.
Ochieng’a was charged with hacking the email account and running a fake Facebook page using Prophet Owuor’s name and pictures to lure unsuspecting local and international church followers on social media to solicit funds.
He was arrested in Kisumu and taken to court in Nakuru where the complainant, Prophet Owuor had reported the case. The church realized the scandal when an Argentinian follower who Ochieng’a had asked for €70,000 called the church to double the amount. I guess crime doesn’t pay.

I still don’t get how the prophet didn’t see it coming. :/