Telkom Kenya has threatened to cancel the free internet provision for students in a written memo to the Vice chancellor citing the fact that students were using the internet to undertake dubious activities and download terabytes of ‘filthy’ content on an hourly basis.

The telecommunication company had a week earlier laid plans to provide mobile data services to students who were not able to access academic materials because of the ongoing rapid buildup of Kenyatta University.

In a very mysterious occurrence, Kenyatta University’s IT students pulled a wood-peckers stunt by hacking their campus website to allow them ‘rule the world’ by granting users gain a backdoor entry through proxies to access any website they are interested in which Telkom Kenya innocently played part.

Telkom Kenya had started the programme to provide Kenyatta university students with free internet which has already lasted for two months. The telecommunication giant is now threatening to withdraw the support after they found out that students were using it inappropriately to the extent where they were immensely downloading pornography instead of learning materials.

It also perturbed both institutions during an investigation that the virus used was Trojan virus, very complicated that IT security experts from Telkom were disappointed and amazed at the same time at how much IT guys were smart to create.

Restricted websites cannot be accessed while using free data manned by an institutions administration, but by hacking it in a way like the upcoming IT gurus did, a user is able to access any website despite the restriction through a reverse URL service.