“Terrorists Will Always Fail” John Kerry Says During His Kenyan Visit


Many people are out to criticize the Americans for falling back to Africa due to the declaration that its economy is fast growing.

Most recently, the US secretary of state John Kerry is on an official visit to Kenya despite the many travel advisories against visiting the country.

On his first day, he visited the bomb blast memorial and laid a wreath in memory of those that lost their lives in the 1998 terrorist attack targeted at the Americans. He highly condemned terrorism stating;

“Terrorists will always fail. Yes, they can reduce a building to rubble. And yes, they can even deprive innocent people of their lives…. But they do not give anyone anything of what really makes life worthwhile.”

He further stated that the attacks have not affected Kenya’s sense of community. The United States will provide an extra $45 million for the United Nations to help an overwhelmed Kenya cope with 600,000 refugees fleeing civil unrest, terrorism and violence in Somalia and South Sudan, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said Monday.

After meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kerry said he was confident that Kenya would not close the world’s largest refugee camp, now home to 350,000 Somalis. The government had threatened to dismantle the Dadaab camp complex consisting of five camps near the border with Somalia because it suspects that the militant group Al-Shabab has planned attacks from the camp, including one last month at Garissa University College in which 147 people lost their lives.

John Kerry has had quite a busy visit as he visited the 1997 Bomb blast site, took a selfie with a calf, met Boniface Mwangi at Pawa 254 and even met with CORD leaders.