Kenyatta University has risen of late to become a world class university courtesy of the able vice chancellor. With recent classy buildings and infrastructure, many have admired ku.Students from different high schools are paying visits to ku each and every day. But what the professor has not majored on is the issue that seems minor but very important to the lives of the student. Let’s look at my analysis:


The food provided at the mess and different food outlets around ku is not of good quality. They are cooked at high school level. Also most of the time when students go for their favorite foods it is always limited and worst of all is the limitation on students using the meal voucher. The restriction is sh150 per day which generally speaking is not enough for a student. Also when there are power blackouts and low networks students are not able to use the meal vouchers forcing those depending on it to go hungry.

Missing marks

What’s the essence of doing an exam when you will not be given marks? It’s a major problem in Kenyatta University and especially in the school of business and specifically in the department of accounting and finance. It demoralizes students and this has made others to move to other courses or campuses where there are no cases of missing marks. Kenyatta University is education, this should be a major concern but it’s always taken lightly.

When schools open timetables are always produced to guide students on how to attend lectures in the course of the semester. Timetables in Kenyatta University are always under constant changes and this wastes a lot of time.Infact students always settle in class after a month due to this constant adjustments making some to fail.


KU has poor lecturers who don’t come to class in time, don’t follow the timetable and also keep on giving missing mark to students.


According to the questionnaires filled by students by the just recently concluded customer care online of Kenyatta university, it is evident that ku has only structures but no quality education. Am writing as a concerned Kenyatta university student.

By Charles osore