I start my day in the morning like any other normal person. The only difference is that I do not get to sleep much. I got to get that doh, I got to take care of myself, look good and pay my way through university. XS millionaires tonight. Looking forward to a good night. A good night for me would be where a bunch of men come in ready to pay.

They ask for the best dancer, Amber they say. Everyone calls me so due to my short hair and fat ass. Most of the time they have been here before and know me by name. For a good pay, I can remember you too. It is Ksh 500 for me to strip for you and your boys, an extra Ksh 250 for any extra tricks you may want me to do. He knows the drill and slips me a 500 shilling note in my hand.

I lead them upstairs, always the best spot, since they can watch my colleagues get down on stage as I concentrate on one client.  Seduction mode is on. He calls me by name. That is a good sign. I presume so because he knows I do not like reckless clients who want more than a lap dance. With my sexy black garters and matching bra and thong, I begin gyrating my ass on him. He gets too excited, with the slightest of spices I pour into the food. I feel his boner and I know I just woke the lion up. His boys slip me some notes and it is now time for me to unleash the REAL wild child. A few stunts. I make him flip me upside down.

He pats my ass just a little bit. My face facing his legs now and he is ogling over my butt. I feel a few light touches back there. Probably his boys tucking in a few notes. This excites me to impress them even more. Rihanna in me and the cheers are getting louder.

This is surely a good harvest for the night. At the end of my sexy dancing, he begs me to sit down and join them. They offer me sheesha, a bit of shots and a bit of rounds. But I cannot get drunk while ON the call of duty. Money is my only business.

I walk away removing the stacks of money from my undies and bra. Totaling to about Ksh 3000, not too bad at all. I walk back to my position at the entrance hoping to land another bunch of thirsty guys for the night.