The 10 Commandments To Borrowing Clad From A Friend


We fully understand that clothes are limited in your uni closet and you have an extremely hot date with your crush. But alas, roomie has exactly what you need. Now honey, before you go on ahead to borrow that cute top or sexy dress, here are the 10 commandments to borrowing clothes:

1.Thou shalt always ask

We’re talking consensual borrowing, not stealing. Don’t just paw through her hard- earned things without asking. That’s just rude. Always ask permission – even if she wouldn’t notice, care, or has borrowed things from you without asking in the past.

(N.B. This counts for everything in her wardrobe, except underwear – ‘cause borrowing underwear is just weird, like sharing a lollipop or toothbrush. Don’t even think about venturing down that path.)

2. Thou shalt not pressure 

Always frame the question in a way that makes her comfortable saying no. There ought to be no pressure tactics, emotional manipulation and aggressive behavior!

3. Thou shalt not take unnecessary risks 

A girl has to set some boundaries – for instance, you might borrow and lend out clothing that is machine-washable, but keep your silks and dry clean-only pieces to yourself. The same goes for sentimental items. As a borrower, do you really want to risk taking your friend’s suede, silk, delicates, whites, Lanvin clutch, or those pearl-drop earrings given to her by her grandmother for a night out on the town?

4. Thou shalt not deprive of first-wear privilege 

A new purchase is exciting – it’s a reason to resist the ‘snooze’ button and wake up in the morning. The owner retains the rights to first wear – the public debut is theirs and theirs alone. Don’t make it awkward and ask to borrow something a friend has just bought.

5. Thou shalt return things on time

To borrow property with an intention to keep is flat-out stealing. If they haven’t asked about it, don’t assume they’ve forgotten about it. They haven’t and everyday that items goes unreturned, the tighter their lips are pursed and the more those bad feels begin to fester. Do you want to make an enemy based on clothes??? I doubt it.

6. Thou shalt not leave in a worse state than you found it

The campsite rule applies. Don’t return clothes with arm pit stains, foundation marks, wine splashes, splotches of cake icing, or in a less-than-pristine state than you first found them. You’re responsible for laundering – machine wash if possible and dry-clean if necessary. And yes, you foot the whole bill – even if she doesn’t wash on the regular and you only wore the dress for 90 minutes without any mishaps.

7. Thou shalt treat like a precious newborn baby

Treat borrowed items even more carefully then you would the most coveted items in your own closet. Don’t toss your black fountain pen in her Céline clutch and avoid stepping out in borrowed shoes if it’s raining. And if something happens, now’s not the time to try out risky, at-home stain removal tricks like rubbing red wine with white wine and soaking ink stains in milk. Call in the professionals.

8. Thou shalt make amends

The sooner you act the better. Check if you can mend the damage, pay your friend back (in funds or the equivalent amount in cocktails) or replace the exact article. At the end of the day, it’s just a thing so it’s nothing worth crying over – but returning something that’s damaged and being dishonest about it is a real dick friendship move.

9. Thou shalt not push it

“Anytime!” she said. You heard her, right? C’mon. You know your relationship best, but I feel that borrowing more than twice a month may be pushing it.

10. Thou shalt give back to thy neighbor

The relationship is reciprocal. Don’t expect to borrow her good-luck heels if you can hardly spare a hair-tie. If you want to rent, you better be willing to lend.

So next time you are about to take that skirt from your friends closet, remember the 10 commandments to borrowing clad.

By @cynthiatuts