Campus is an awesome time where you learn many things about yourself and the environment around you. Likewise, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets to keep you in the know and expand your ever growing mind.

Here is a list of the must have gadgets in campus right now;

1. A smart phone
As much as people lose their phones during rave, keeping a smart phone is quite essential. With a smart phone you get a lot of features. You can do assignments using Office apps which will spare you the hustle of going to cyber cafes, also you can download your notes and keep them handy there.

students smartphones

2. Mulika mwizi

We all know uni life is quite crazy. Mara there is a party here then there is a rave elsewhere. Therefore you do not want to lose your smart phone. It is therefore important to keep a cheaper phone also known as mulika mwizi for these party times. A phone you do not mind losing, if it happens. Make sure to carry it on the days you are sure alcohol will be involved. As long as it does the basic functions of calling, texting, saving contacts; you good to go. These phones also many times have a torch.

mulika mwizi

3. A laptop

No matter how small the laptop is, there are features and abilities that a PC has that a phone can never have. Moreover, if you have a laptop with spare time you can typeset for your fellow students to earn a little something off the side. We know how hard times can get.

student on laptop

4. An external drive

Sure you have a memory card in your phone or a flash disk for the laptop but it shouldn’t end there. Back up is mandatory. I remember lending my ex my laptop, he brought it back with viruses and it could barely reboot itself. I’m no story teller but stuff does happen so buy an external drive and back up your documents, movies, pictures and music to save you the future hustle.

external drive

5. A power bank

You could have all the right gadgets…then Kenya Power happens. No worries, there’s something known as a power bank. They range from the price of Ksh 1000 to Ksh 10,000. It all depends on the capacity. Personally mine is 5600mAh; which allows me to charge my phone twice without recharging.


So there you have it. The must have gadgets for every campus goer.

Can you think of any other gadget you cannot live without? Comment below.