It was a successful day for the organizers of the Kenya Fashion Awards on Saturday as the public turned up to show their support for local talent. It was expected that the fans would dress up just for the passion for fashion. The crowd was hype and ready to showcase their best wear as if they were dressed up by one of the designer students. To kick start the event were our entertaining hosts, the lovely Miss Angela Wambui and Ivix Dennis Kioi. DSC_0398

The former beauty queen showed up in an African made attire slit on the sides running down to her feet. Angela perfectly finished this with blocked red heels and a pair of black jeggings. This was surely a well set trend as she was dressed by a local designer. There were also a lot of locally dressed people with mixed ensembles representing the African pride in the building.


Besides, these, modern high end fashion was in the building as well with variety of head gears like the famous toppers that screamed ‘Pharell Williams.’ Creativity was unbeaten as both the participants and the audience came up with the most insane matches. This designer for example matched high waist jeans with purple crop top and vintage black and white brocks. To polish up the look was a golden brown topper to cover her African rolls on her natural hair.


A lot of vintage wears included this lovely girl with well-made African braids and acid washed pair of jeans.


There was also this guy in a blue suit that caught our attention as he matched them perfectly with a pair of black suspenders.


There was no general theme. This made it easier for people to play around with colours and different textures to come up with different self-made outfits. This girl for example could not help it but go mustard on her ankle length maxi skirt that she chose to add a little black and white tribal print crop top.


This other lad took colour blocking to another whole level as he played his cards well with purple and a topper hat.


You can surely never go wrong with white and she knew it. Her one hand chiffon dress was breathtaking as it gave her that angelic look she was probably looking for. With the chilly weather that the day presented to us, she carefully threw in a pair of black stockings that matched her melanin and pair of high black heels. She slayed the look with a well put front bun on her head.


This other lovely stranger went all white with a little bit of an African twist on the detailed neck that resembled a Samburu neckpiece.



The flawless lady in red heels was easily spotted with her Naomi Campbell cat walk that tagged her casual but trendy. Her red sandals were to die for as she killed the look with a crop top as if especially made for her model type body and ripped jeans. Her black faux leather jacket was surely carefully picked out from her closet to intentionally finish the look.


There is no doubt that Kenyans are always up beat to dress to impress. Their love for pictorial sessions is also priceless but allowed to capture such lovely show case of mind-blowing outfits!