Sami Wambua is a 22 year old, 3rd Year student of B.Com in the University of Nairobi who has come up with a way to help people recover important lost documents. He tells us more about his idea and how it came to be.

Sami Wambua, founder of E-Pate
  1. What is the name of your company and what it does it deal in?

The name of the company is E-pate recovery solutions. It was incorporated in 2016 but became operational in 2017. E-pate is a website that helps people recover lost personal documents from school IDs, to national IDs to title deeds.

  1. What sparked the need to begin it?

Well, we wanted to make money while solving a problem which many people are faced with. I felt like I had nothing to lose by trying out the idea. My fear of failure was surpassed by the will to try.

  1. How many people are involved in the creation and growth of E-pate?

E-pate is my brainchild. I however realized that I could not work alone so I brought Innocent Kiarie on board as my Co-Director and Michael Amiro who has specialized in IT to help with coding and all.

Michael Amiro, IT guy
  1. What challenges have you encountered so far? And have you weighed the challenges that you may encounter in the future?
Innocent Kiarie, Co-director

Finding the capital to start off was a bit of a challenge and lack of faith from the people around me. Also, as it is a new company, sometimes it is hard to decipher the next step towards growth and making a solid company out of it.

We believe that we are moving with the current technological trends, this helps to keep us afloat.

  1. What achievements can you say you’ve had so far?

We managed to have our company featured at this year’s Nairobi Innovation week at the University of Nairobi as one of the student exhibitors. In under a month since we started operating we have been able to attract brands to the advertising feature on our site.

  1. Where is E-pate set to be in five years?

We are hoping to expand to the East and Central Region of Africa. The development of an application for E-pate is also underway.


Sami’s word out is to constantly research, start somewhere and eventually you will find your bearing.


E-pate upload a photo of the lost document cropping out important information such as ID numbers on IDs (to prevent identity theft). If you find your documents on the site, you will be required to send a small fee to the site. They then link you to the person who found your documents, who receives a small cut from what you sent, so that you may recover them. This site provides a platform for finders to earn some money. Below are their rates.

Document           Charge                  E-pate’s Share                   Finder’s share

School ID             250                              100                                       150

National ID          350                              150                                       200

DL                       700                              300                                       400

Certificate           1000                            400                                        600

Title Deed           2500                           1000                                       1500


Log on to their site  and find your documents or earn from finding someone else’s documents.