Nigerian singer Burna Boy spent 12 hours on Twitter blocking Kenyans who were disappointed by his performance on Friday at Privee in Westlands. The Naija performer arrived at the club at 4am in the morning disappointing fans who had spent money just to see him.

The tickets to the show were going at 1500 Kenyan shillings and with the recent high cost of living in Nairobi led to most guys complaining. Hours later on Saturday he was already trending on Kenyan Twitter. He had pulled a ‘Davido’ on us again as some Kenyans put it.

Screenshot from a blocked user

A while back Davido came to Kenya and performed for less than 30 minutes and Burna Boy delayed Kenyans for almost the whole night and showed up when most were tired. 4 am is the time when most club goers start calling for Uber to take them home,  but Burna Boy showed up just beofre that.

There was a performance from him but the hate was bound to come through after just like it did at Davido’s show. Kenyans on Twitter were at it again this time going for Burna Boy’s throat. He replied to some tweets but then blocked most Kenyans at the same time. Burna Boy expressed his anger by blocking even radio stations and Kiss FM is rumured to be one of them. These hilarious tweets from Kenyans can be found on this link: