Lots of Love the Band held their first ever concert on 18th March 2017 at the Kenya National Theatre. The event commenced from 6.30 p.m. with opening acts like Gachago, Ciano, Tim, among others, taking to the stage for the first hour of the concert.

Gachago’s acoustic performance was all right not quite electrifying as it sounded like some of the music was composed on stage, there and then. He was then followed by Ciano whose performance was beautiful and what some people would describe as hypnotizing. His vocals were flowing graciously through his songs, “Peace like a River” and “Born town” among others. Young Noiz never disappoints as he stunned the audience with his one of a kind beat-boxing skills on stage. Libby, a female vocalist, brought about peace and serenity with her cover of a gospel song as well as her original called “Hold On”. She later shared the stage with Lots of Love staging an epic performance.

The much anticipated performance of Lots of Love the Band began at  8 p.m. They began with their song, “Dreams”. The instrumentalists seemed well co-ordinated and psyched to be on stage but the vocalists’ chemistry seemed loose at the beginning. They seemed a bit tense at the start but eased gradually into the set. The performance of the two vocalists, Kebati and Enoque seemed emotional and packed with energy as Enoque would jump on the stage in between songs. The band kept the large audience engaged through out as they gave an introduction of each song and clarifying on meanings for those that were composed in vernacular language like “Osa Vinya” which is written in Kamba. Generally Lots of Love gave hope and inspired love to their fans in song with lyrics like, “…dreaming is believing…” and “…Love is truth and it never fails..”

The stage setup was artistic and simple, though not simplistic. We look forward to what more Lots of Love has for us this year.