With technology evolving each and every day, one should be able to find the best platform to sell out himself or herself and for most of us, we always go for blogging and vlogging.

The Blogging Era

A blog is a regularly updated website and can be run by an individual or a given group of people always in a conversation form.

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Blogging, therefore, means updating an already existing website with stories of different categories be it personal life, entertainment, fashion or any trending topics.

Vlogging Catches on

Vlogging, on the other hand, is the use of video to communicate. you can decide to talk about any topic that will help and entertain your audience through a video and can also be done by an individual or a group of people as a discussion.

Some of the popular Kenyan vloggers are Joanna Kinuthia, Yummy Mummy, Over 25 and east meets west.

The different Platforms

There are different platforms for blogging and vlogging and the commonly known is WordPress and youtube.

Word press is a simple software that allows you to write a story and can be accessed by anyone who has an active email account and this also applies to YouTube. In both, you have to create your official accounts for them to work and with time one can start earning from them.

Word press is mostly used by those who love pouring their hearts out by writing and it does not matter whether your story is short or not but what matters is the impact the story will have on your audience.

For developed websites, one is supposed to write not less than 250 words so that your work can be appealing to the eye.