The First Ever Campus Instameet at JKUAT with Varcity

The first ever Instameet event finally happened at Cherry Park in JKUAT main campus at Juja on October 17th to October 19th 2018. The event focused on the beauty and diversity of university students. It gave students the platform to showcase their talents, creativity, and abilities outside the classroom.

Students performed, there was also art exhibition, and vendors showcased their unique talents in what they make. It was generally a success.

I was amazed by the talent people got! There was Wayne the Spray painter  who made amazing art just by using spray paint. He finished a painting in minutes like it was nothing to him. He did so many paintings for the crowd and he even sold some of them. Man, I wish I had such talent.

There were also many vendors who generally sold handmade stuff they made. Some were house decorations and some were accessories. All of them were custom made. They were so pretty and worth every penny!


A lot of photographers were also at the event, most of the photographers were really talented. Some also showcased the work they have done, the best photoshoots they’ve done and the talent was amazing guys! I’m so happy for everyone who got to showcase their talents to all those people who were at the Instameet.

Let’s not forget the performers, I mean the artists. Wow! I loved everybody who performed their songs to the crowd. Such unique talent, bars on bars. I hope all of them will blow up and shock you guys!

Apart from the talented people, there were also fun activities that took place. The Redbull crew came through with free Redbulls! As long as you played a certain game until you finished the levels. This was challenging, but anything for a free redbull right? LOL .People were also given a chance to play P.S and it was really fun! It kept people busy and entertained.

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