Questions have been raised about the girl code and what happened to it. Case in point; Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj’s beef. Well, here is what the Girl Code entails:

Your girl’s boyfriend or once boyfriend should remain just that. Nothing more.

Girls… please steer clear of your girlfriends’ boyfriends, exes, flings, people she feeds her eyes on, name it. It always stirs up trouble when you go for the guy you friend is eyeing, even if she doesn’t say it. If your friend leaves someone, it doesn’t give you license to “nyemelea”. After all, it ended for a reason.

Be nice to your girl, even when she’s being a pain

Women are so complex that even we do not understand ourselves sometimes. Always hang in there and be nice to your friend even when you do not agree with her or something she’s done. Never play God, especially with your sistah.

Always look out for a sistah, any sistah!

So you are not going to like every girl you come across but it is your female duty to always look out for a sister. Offer an extra pad if she needs it, tissue if she needs to wipe her tears, heck, even a needle if she has a wardrobe malfunction. Let’s face it, being a girl is not really the easiest thing.


When she asks you to save her, save her!

It doesn’t matter if a stranger is getting hit on a guy she totally wants to be saved from. If she so much as whispers “help” get in there and act like you’ve been friends since kindergarten if you have to.

If she asks for advice about her clothing, give it with love and honesty

You are not her boyfriend, so you need not lie if that hairdo is not working. If she asks, do tell, but lay her down easy. This does not work for strangers though. Only give advice to a stranger sistah if she asks for it. You do not want claws unleashed upon you.

Women are not always their own enemies. Girl power really does still exist. There is nothing wrong with always looking out for your fellow woman, whether you like her or not.