The Girl in a Hoody.


By Waridi Ajambo.
This is the story of a girl who seems unnoticeable to the world. One may never know what is going on in her mind. She hides behind the hoody and her headphone the thing she believes makes her invincible. I ask her is there more to you than what meet the eyes, will people remember you if you disappear into thin air. What assumptions have we made of her and are any of them true?
Who is she without her walls? Sometimes you walk past her and see how well ‘made’ she is you want to say something but nothing comes to mind .The hood girl’s value will not be decided by her cup size or the fit of her jeans she  is more than beautiful ,you may not see it but she is.
She is more than the curve of her brow, more than the fullness of her lips. She will not be
reduced to an aesthetic appeal.
She is different but is that not what all girls say? The hood girl is different she rejects the status quo and embraces her incomparable features. If she is stripped of her hoody how exposed will she be? Will she be vulnerable to the world’s opinions?
She is intriguing her worth is defined by more than what you see. You use your hoody to make the people around you ignore your existence but that makes us want to know why you would rather be an enigma. She does not have everything but she always dreams of better.
You wonder how her mind functions but mystery is what she creates .Is the world ready to see what is beneath  the hood ?A beauty that is undeniable , a character  that is uncomprehend able, a wonder she remains .We will always know her as the girl behind the hoody be it summer, autumn or winter ok we do not have those seasons here so you get my drift she is always behind that cover that she believes shields her from every glare. Maybe the next time you see her you will not think that she is just a wallpaper in a hoody.