On Saturday, 27th May 2017, Third Hand Music took to the stage from 4 p.m. at the Go Down Arts Centre. The band performed their songs for an hour and the audience seemed to be taking well to their music. They collaborated with Mmchne, who they have featured in their music video, iSlay, in a few songs in their set. The three man band engaged the crowd well throughout the set especially during the performances of “Helena” and “In the Air” which they released last year. They included a lot of dance and traditional music in their set, which is new as their performances are often laid back. Though upcoming, the band was charged with energy that evening.

Following Third Hand Music was the popular duo, Amos and Josh who came in with matching outfits and hair dos (dreadlocks).

Third Hand Music

Due to their popularity, they had no trouble engaging the audience or luring them to the dance floor.

Amos and Josh

Many ladies took selfies with them in the background as they performed their set. They performed “Baadaye”, “Zingua”, “Nerea” among many others of their released singles. They both seemed overwhelmed by emotion during the performance of “Baadaye”.

Josh however forgot the lyrics of “Nerea” midway the performance but Amos helped him recover and they went on with their set. They also incorporated a lot of dance in their set. Their instrumentalists were on point as they gave their songs a really good feel. Their percussionist who seemed devoured by the music and keyboardist stood out within the set.

James Gogo with his band Gogo Simo band

After Amos and Josh the legendary Gogosimo Band took the stage led by James Gogo. Together with his band, he bought hype and excitement to the audience bringing many of them to the dance floor.

The place was off the roof by the time his set was halfway.

Partyville DJs were also in the building and would play during the exit of one band and the entrance of another just to keep the crowd charged.