Last weekend’s GoDown gig took place at the GoDown Arts Centre from 4.30 p.m. It began with Serro taking the stage. She kept the audience engaged from the get go with her songs like “Okello”, “Rongai”, a

mash up of local music like “Tuendelee”, “Juju” among others. In the middle of her one hour performance she was joined by Ayrosh to sing a song which they said they composed together while in campus. The love song was full of emotion and their chemistry was electric throughout the performance of that song. Serro’s background vocalist was well in tune with Serro and the band, she even did a little dance toward the end of the set.

Nyota Ndogo was next on stage with much energy and coy coasterian vibe, her african outfit however seemed a bit ill-fitting at the bottom. She performed a rendition of her own “Watu na Viatu” with the Afrosimba Band who has her well accompanied during her whole set. The rendition was more upbeat than the original. She also sang “Nibebe” and “Mama wa Kambo”. At some point she descended the stage and asked her fan to join her in dance.

Kidum, the artist most people seemed to be waiting for took to the stage after Nyota concluded her set. The Burundian artist had his band warm up the stage for him before he got on. He introduce his set with a mellow song but picked up gradually towards the end. At some point his guitarist did a thrilling solo, wowing the crowd. The whole band and background vocalists were dressed in white. This made the whole stage light up, much more than when the other artists were on it.

Other artists like Anto Neosoul were also in attendance to support their fellow artists and generally to have a good time. It’s always good at the GoDown gig.