It wasn’t all fun and games as fashion also took the Centre stage at Zetech  sports day held on the 10th of July 2015. Beautiful lasses from all Zetech campuses strode in in the latest fashion looks leaving their male counterparts drooling. The event was one of the four sports days they have annually and if you are not a sports person it’s a great opportunity to dress up and hit the field to cheer up for your favorite teams. Here are some of the students that caught our eye.

Shredded or cut out jeans always go well with a well fitted crop top adding Timberlands to the mix finishes up the look. We give a 6.5 for effort for not over accessorizing but keeping the look simple.


Dress tops have been on the rise for a while now. Half sleeved dress top gives you a simple but refined look and accentuates your body why not pair it with simple doll shoes,{ black will look good with anything} if your there just to cheer out for your teams its easier than dotting some heels. We give her a 5  for accessorizing with the watch that blends easily with the top and the stunners are a huge plus, but those doll shoes…. comfort aint everything girl.


Pairing shorts with some skin tights that accentuate the shorts is taking a big risk. It might not go as planned but if you think you can pull it or have the body to pull it. A crop top on top and of course some geek glasses make the whole look confusing but in a good way. The ankle boots are an added advantage, we give her 7 for effort not easy putting all that together and still look fabulous. The hair gives her some volume and the handbag plays a vital accessory.


With this outlook, its easy to transition from one look to another. The blazer gives her a more serious look, pairing it with a crop top and some shorts not forgetting a little taste of a sporty look by adding some sneakers in the mix. You can later change into some nice heels for the after party. Now that’s thinking ahead we give her a 5.8 for keeping it simple.

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The whole sporty look was on point dressed for the event, with that sleeveless basketball jersey is clearly fitted thus giving your body that extra oomph and paired it with tights was a good idea since you can still flaunt your figure in it. The accessories are limited not forgetting the sports shoes, you clearly came to play we give you a 7 for keeping it fabulous and sporty at the same time.



Her shoes are on point not sure for an outdoor activity, but we can always forgive you because they are fabulous!! Swap the shoes for some sneakers and your ready to play we give you a 5.



P.T.O For the guys looks.