So you’ve been sliding in those DMs and you finally got that pass. You don’t want to blow this chance. For those of you still wondering how to cuff her this El nino season, Varcity got you.

cuffin' season

Sweaters are out; umbrellas about to be sold at 500 by hawkers in Tao and boots are being recycled. There is only one activity that will be of much benefit to you this bae-by making weather-cuffing. That Drake playlist will now begin to make sense to you in that dark corner of your room. Cuffing is more like hunting. It’s open season on relationships. If you want to eventually spark a relationship that you intend to maintain, good for you. Here is your complete guide of what you need to know!

Keep it warm as the weather gets colder. This is the obvious number one that simply means –sex!

>Choose wisely from those ex’s that are vying for your attention and those new flings as well. Avoiding those awkward conversations of, ‘so when are you gonna settle down’ will be a thing of the past since you will have a trophy to show off during those family gatherings and hangouts with buddies.

> Having an open mind is a good accord as it helps you set goals of what you want to gain from the season. Whether short term or long term loving, make sure your partner knows. do not sleep on opportunities to woo them. Treat it like a relationship. Dress up and go for dates.

> Do not be afraid to uncuff when necessary. Conversation lets both parties participate and if you do not like how things are about to end, terminate things. Don’t create any extra stress in your life.

Do not move in too quick if things seem to be going on well. Take time to learn the person and know what makes them tick. You have the whole season i.e till Dec!

Here is a playlist for your cuffing needs;

  1. Nikikutazama – H_art the Band
  2. Let me hold you down – DJ Khaleed feat Chris Brown
  3. Haiya – Harry Kimani
  4. DnF – P. Reign feat Drake
  5. Sexy Love – NeYo
  6. The Weeknd – Earned It
  7. Slow Motion – Trey Songz
  8. Motivation – Lil Wayne feat Kelly Motivation
  9. Unpredictable – Jamie Foxx feat Ludacris
  10. Bed – J. Holiday

Are you ready for cuffing season? Let us know below.