With the internal security committee warning Kenyans that Al-Shabaab, Al- Qaeda and other criminal groups have targeted universities as their sources of illegal armies, national concern has been raised.  Some youths have been identified as having dropping out of school to join these gangs.

It would appear that in recent times, the Kenyan student body organization has significantly shifted it’s focus from yesteryear concerns of students to other pressing matters of the day. Often, students are in the news over their concerns on delayed and or inadequate loan disbursements, power black outs and tribal affiliation of their university administrations including even their own primitive tribal affiliations.

Generally the trend of student concerns in recent history has disproportionately focused on internal university issues and zero care for wider societal issues of the day. This is perhaps mostly informed in addition to reasons adduced above to the increased pressure on students to survive in an increasingly individualistic and materialistic society, empty of a moral compass that would point to the otherwise religious culture of being a ‘brother’s keeper’.

UCSPAK is a non-profit making and non political student association established with the major objective of creating and enhancing peace in the society,

The UCSPAK team in the t-shirts
The UCSPAK team in the UCSPAK t-shirts


The birth of UCSPAK (Universities and College Students Peace Association of Kenya) was meant to help the student body organize themselves to provide solutions to their issues instead of just agonizing. It was also meant to provide a neutral body of students with whom their colleagues can feel free to approach as well as the university administrations in case of a crisis as a platform for debate and dialogue to resolve issues.

In addition, this group would form a depository of information on opportunities for students within universities, in the larger Kenyan society and indeed the globe that they can use to access internships, work-study programs and scholarships among many others.


UCSPAK will focus on a number of flagship programs in the next 3 years:

  1. Students mentor-ship/ Peace Education
  2. Zero tolerance to radicalization
  3. University mediation & crisis prevention
UCSPAK after a meeting with the United Nations in Kenya.
UCSPAK after a meeting with the United Nations in Kenya.

‘Hello Kenyan’ Campaign

hello kenyan

The launch of the Hello Kenyan campaign is working in collaboration with the Department of Peace and will be launching early next month. The National Students Council comprises of three students from all 67 universities and colleges in Kenya. A Muslim and a Christian leader.

This will help ensure the reduce in radicalization of students and stigma towards students of different religions.

Keep it Varcity to know the progress of UCSPAK and the Hello Kenyan campaign.