With the high rates of unemployment in the country, one needs to have an upper hand in everything he/she does to be able to stand out in order to help you land your dream job. Founded four years ago, The HOMEBOYZ FOUNDATION is a platform that links the youth to online job opportunities and also offers retail training programs. Niko Job is an initiative of The Rockefeller Foundation, HBF and Microsoft collaboration with The Homeboyz Foundation to spread awareness on online jobs.

In conjunction with ELANCE and ODESK, they have introduced ‘Niko Job’ that gives online jobs depending on personal skills and talent. This is done by opening a private account here.

Niko Job was initiated within the Digital Jobs Africa platform, which is a campaign that serves to alert high potential but disadvantaged youth in Kenya on online work opportunities and give them the tools they require to successfully access online jobs resulting in improved livelihoods and improved social and economic benefits for the youth and their families.

The 'Niko Job' stand at the Kenyatta University Career week
The ‘Niko Job’ stand at the Kenyatta University Career week

The jobs range from Creative writing, Graphic Designing, software development, design and multimedia, business services to many other professions. One may select his/her own preferential mode of payment which in today’s world, is quite simple.

OICI and EARN(Empowering Africa’s Retail Needs) in conjunction with Walmart have also initiated a training program that takes two weeks after which learners are placed in retail stores countrywide such as Uchumi and Ukwala.

niko job claseses
OICI EARN Training on Customer Service

Y – Hub is a dedicated social enterprise and advocacy space for all youth to come together to learn, network with professionals and get entertainment news all in one place. With increasing demand for highly skilled employees.

This virtual hub harnesses and nurtures various youth skills as well as enable them acquire job skills thus positioning them better for the competitive job market. Don’t be left behind, get on the bandwagon!