The Jaguar and Prezzo Beef Continues..


Jaguar and Prezzo are still hitting back at each other. Jaguar was on radio with Kalekye and Shaffie when he was asked about his interactions with Prezzo to which he replied:

Unajua kudeal na huyu msee… What I did when I was starting is that I told him…kuna watu walikua wamechukua industry ni kama ni yao like sisi watu wakutoka Eastlando we can’t enter! So I told them unawezatoka uko Eastlands walikua wanaona chini na uwapite ata kama ni mababi.”

So mi ntaachia Shaffie hio job aongee na yeye kwa sababu Prezzo ni difficult, tunaweza enda studio tena aanze mavitu haziko. Unajua ni male version ya Akothee. Mimi simchukii Prezzo, namheshimu sana lakini akicome tufanye song aache hio mambo ya usocialite na akue mwanaume.”

On the next time he would meet artiste Esther Akothee of the Shengerera Mama fame, he added;

“Akothee is very busy right now. She is working on projects with top South African artistes, among other regional and international musicians. Most of the time she is not in Kenya as she is building her brand appeal. We are not even aware that Jaguar called her a ‘socialite’.That tells you how busy she and the team are. Akothee is too busy to engage Jaguar in cheap publicity stunts.”

We don’t know if Jaguar did this in response to Prezzo’s recent interview at Homboyz with G-money on The Conversation, where he out-rightly admitted to disliking Jaguar.

Will the beef between these two ever be squashed? Tell us what you think below.

Courtesy of Standard.