The Journey, a club that brings together individuals and group of individuals of various backgrounds and personalities to share life. They do this through music, dance, arts, storytelling, spiritual activities and testimonies that inspire others. The group’s main agenda is to “invite students to live the compelling, life changing, culture shaping story of God.


It has been an active group over the years in UoN, Ufungamano Thursdays, but the club just turned one at MKU. MKU has embraced the club and members have grown in numbers. Team leader and the students of MKU participated in Journey week at MKU Thika.

The week’s activities included an exciting flash mob that happened on Monday 13th June as an introduction of the Journey Week. Community service and other student involvement activities was seen all through the week. Friday 24th was the peak, The Journey turned one in a concert, Blankets and Bands.


The event was a success!