The long awaited JW show finale is coming up this weekend,26th November, at the Shift Eye Gallery. Guests will get a chance to experience the budding talent in the fashion industry and as a bonus get to scope out what others designs are out there; considering the dress code; MadeInKenyaByKenyans.

Meet The Talented JW Show Judges

More of the designers that will be showcasing are:

Monifa Designs

Josyline Kendi is the brains behind the beautiful designs that will be showcased in this edition. The 22yr old is currently pursuing a International Business degree at Africa Nazarene University as well as a Business Management degree at the Kenyatta University.

Her designs are mainly Afro-fusion as she merges the African and Western cultures; inspired by day-to-day life. Having interned at HERS by Hellina Designs and worked at Enzie Porter and gathering adequate knowledge and skill in both her art and business acumen, she felt the need to branch out on her own, paving way for the birth of Monifa Designs in mid 2014.

Monifa Designs specializes in designs for both sexes and caters to the clients’ needs in terms of taste, occasion and also personal style. It aims to please, and therefore customer satisfaction in the quality goods produced is paramount.

dress dress1 dress2

Josyline’s hard-work has seen her brand grow from retail vending to off-the-rack retail.

El Afrique

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This fashion line avails a vast range of chic and elegant wear appropriate for a variety of occasions including casual wear, evening wear and even prom dresses. The fashion line caters to women of all body sizes; and you get to engage in the process of the making of your dress by being involved in designing it.

El Afrique is well on it’s way to achieving it’s goal of being a luxury brand with it’s creative designs. Some of those designs will be showcased this weekend at the JW Show.


See you there!