There has been a buzz online for the past 24 hours on the new trend that has been taken by men.

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The male romper has brought a lot of reaction from most people who considered rompers as female dressing.

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Pictures surfaced on the RompHim Instagram account of male rompers and how they were supposed to be worn. This initiated a conversation that is yet to be concluded.

Rompers have in the past only been used by females who rocked them and loved their simplicity. The new male rompers have become a ‘thing’ and they seem to be bringing a gender discussion.


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An article by Tim Teeman from The Daily Beast has considered the general notion that is spreading among people on the male rompers. Most men who have seen the pictures online consider the idea behind the male romper as degrading to masculinity.

The male romper is similar to the usual romper and it takes courage for a grown man to wear one. This will involve exposing legs probably from the thigh region downwards! This does not sit well with most men as it has ‘insecurity’ written all over it. The male romper looks absolutely ridiculous.


Tim Teeman though observed that the male romper has a similarity to the men swim suit worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun which is considered the gayest-vibe film ever. He considers this new idea of the male romper as a fashionable challenge to masculinity. Pretty sure if the wave hits Africa and Kenya there will be serious backlash due to the respect dedicated to the male generation.

Watch The RompHim video below:

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