“Dark skin is not a trend. Don’t crave for us on social media but hate us in reality’’ Anonymous

Almost everyone on social media is uploading pics whose captions are like #melanated, #melanin game strong, #melaninpoppin, #melaninonfleek, #unapologitecallyblack, are we finally embracing the dark skinned people? Jokes all over of how light skins are blonde, but the joke isn’t funny when it is a dark skin, because it’s just pure disses. She (read as the dark skinned) isn’t even allowed to enjoy the (dog) filter on snap chat. That’s how she is discriminated in an everyday scenario.




Did we have to have a hashtag, to prove that black is beautiful? According to a young campus guy, he says he prefers dating a dark skinned chic, because she won’t have to put on so much  make up because natural is just fab. He goes on to say that, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. Dark skins are basic, humble, simple and not too complicated like the light skinned. Well, are you black and proud?

The media is also behind the discrimination of dark skinned girls. Like all adverts looking for models and actors usually prefer them light skinned. But get all crazy when Lupita Nyongo, a dark skinned young lady won an Oscar Award for playing the role everyone is trying to avoid in real life, being dark and proud. Bottom line, she cant escape being black even if she wanted.

What we know is beauty has no skin tone. Why can’t we have a hashtag #darkskinmatters or #bringbacksexyblack or something of the sort to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of dark sistas out there? Something motivational to reduce the rise of bleaching and skin lightening done by our once upon a time beautiful melanated sista.